International Week – Consciousness in Cognopolis


Friday 25 August

ISIC – Welcome & Orientations

A brief get together to provide an overview of the activities, locations, visit CEAEC, and other administrative matters.
Time: 2pm to 3pm
Location: CEAEC
Additional Information: Recommended for everyone.
Cost: Free

CEAEC – Laboratory Orientation

An orientation regarding the procedures to use the self-experimentation laboratories at CEAEC.
Time: 3pm to 3.30pm
Location: CEAEC
Additional Information: Required to use CEAEC’s laboratories.
Cost: Free

ISIC – Introduction to Conscientiology

A 90 minute class to provide an overview of the principle findings of conscientiology research. The class will also contain practical energetic exercises.
Time: 3.30pm to 5pm
Location: CEAEC
Additional Information: Required for all those who have yet to do a course in conscientiology.
Cost: Free

International Week Opening Dinner

The week’s opening dinner will be at the Mabu Interludium Hotel where participants will enjoy a buffet and a non-alcoholic drink. There will be brief welcoming speeches and time to casually mingle and network with other consciousness researchers.
Time: 7pm to 10pm
Location: Mabu Interludium Hotel
Cost: $70 BRL (approx. $24USD)

Saturday 26 & Sunday 27 August

Juriscons – Theorices of Megafraternity

Deepen personal theorice of megafraternity, experience a multidimensional bioenergetic field in a 2-day Field Course that mixes theory and practice on the theme of megafraternity and have a chance to place questions to technical, assistantial consciexes. Epicons: Cristina Arakaki, Marcelo Silva. (2-day field course).
Time: 8am to 6pm, both days
Location: Mabu Interludium Hotel (To Be Confirmed)
Additional Information: Recommended for everyone.
Available Spaces: 60
Cost: $500 BRL (approx. $168 USD)

Sunday 27 to Thursday 31 August

OIC – Conscientiotherapy (Individual Activity)

Conscientiotherapy is where the evolutient treats themselves by focusing on their own conflicts using techniques suggested by 2 conscientiotherapists.
Time: 2 timeslots are available: 7pm and 9pm. Sessions run for 5 consecutive days, with session #1 on sunday 27 August
Location: OIC Campus
Additional Information: Indicate your interest in the form below and this will be passed on to OIC. Note: this activity must be booked in advance directly with OIC. You can contact OIC via:
Cost: $1,080 BRL for 5 sessions (approx. $350 USD). Payment is made directly to OIC during the first session.

Monday 28 August


IIPC – OBE Techniques Laboratory

Theory and practice of OBE (out of body experience). Learn about its stages (projective cycle) and particularities. Practice it by applying a technique with the assistance of a team of extraphysical projectiologists.
Time: 2.30pm to 6pm
Location:  IIPC @ Discernimentum
Spaces Available: 30
Cost: $120 BRL (approx. $40 USD)

Consecutivus – Retrocognitive Self-research

This course will discuss the topic of how to research one’s own holobiography as well as aim for the development of our retrocognitive recall through the deepening practice of facial clairvoyance.
Time: 2.30pm to 8.30pm
Location:  Consecutivus @ Discernimentum
Spaces Available: 20
Cost: $120 BRL (approx. $40 USD)

Tuesday 29 August

APEX – SEAPEX (Individual Activity)

A Proexiological Coaching Service Available. 40 minutes preceptorship/mentoring (coaching).
Time: available on Tuesday or Wednesday morning (No More Spaces Available on Monday).
Location: APEX @ CEAEC
Additional Information: Indicate your interest in the form below and this will be passed on to APEX. Note: this activity must be booked in advance directly with APEX. Contact APEX via:
Cost: Free

APEX – Personal Speciality and the Proexis Workshop

This workshop aims to help students identify their personal and proexiological specialty, understand aspects of their temperament, and make a optimized proexiometric assessment aiming for complexis (existential completism).
Time: 2pm to 6pm
Location:  APEX @ CEAEC
Spaces Available: 20
Cost: $95 BRL (approx. $32 USD)

EDITARES – Literary Happy Hour

A pleasant catch-up and chat about Conscientiological books, writing and publishing (a non-alcoholic Happy Hour with snacks).
Time: 6.30pm to 8.30pm
Location:  Mabu Interludium Hotel
Spaces Available: 60
Cost: $50 BRL (approx. $17 USD)

Wednesday 30 August

CONSCIUS – Conscientiometric Preceptorship (Individual Activity)

Conscientiometric Preceptorship is an interassistantial activity with the main objective of helping the participant expand their knowledge of their consciential microuniverse.
Time: 9am to 11am No More Spaces Available during the week!
Location:  CONSCIUS @ Discernimentum
Additional Information:  The interested party only needs to bring their self-research and a subject on which they want to deepen their self-research.
No More Spaces Available!
Cost: $240 BRL for 2 hours (approx. $80USD)

ASSIPI – The Vibrational State and Interassistantial Bioenergetic Techniques

A workshop focusing on the potentiation of evolution through the development of bioenergetic capabilities based on interassistantial applications. The course will mainly focus on the practice of multiple bioenergetic techniques to induce the vibrational state and its application in interactive parapsychic dynamics.
Time: 1.30pm to 6.30pm
Location:  ASSIPI @ Discernimentum
Spaces Available: 25
Cost: $110 BRL (approx. $37 USD)

ASSINVEXIS – Life Techniques

This course presents and compares evolutionary techniques to enable the student to reflect and take a position about what they want from their own life, as well as to consider the advantages of applying an evolutionary technique.
Time: 2.30pm to 8pm
Location:  ASSINVEXIS Campus
Cost: $120 BRL (approx. $40 USD)

OIC – Consciential Hygiene Workshop

A brief workshop introducing participants to the concept of Consciential Hygiene aiming to establish a baseline homeostatic state.
Time: 7pm to 10pm
Location:  OIC Campus
Spaces Available: 25
Cost: Free

Thursday 31 August

REAPRENDENTIA – Laboratory of Verpons

A group laboratory designed to help trainee teacher’s answer difficult and polemic questions. Provide a reflexive field to improve one’s style of argumentation and cosmoethical posture in relation to polemic themes.
Time: 9am to 12pm
Location:  Reaprendentia Headquarters
Additional Information: Prerequisite: Entry level Conscientiology course
Spaces Available: 30
Cost: $50 BRL (approx. $17 USD)

COMUNICONS – Conscientiological Media Training (Part 1 of 2)

Training focused on interviews about Conscientiology on radio and television. How to install fields and perform energy cleansing during media interviews. Learn how to take advantage of the language of each medium. Dedramatization of interassistantial communication. Practical training to give press interviews on conscientiological issues.
Time: 3pm to 6pm
Location:  Comunicons @ Discernimentum
Additional Information: Prerequisite: Entry level Conscientiology course. Part 2 is on Friday from 9am to 12pm.
Spaces Available: 10
Cost: $295 BRL (approx. $98 USD)

COSMOETHOS – Introduction to Cosmoethicology

A short course that addresses the theme of Self-cosmoethics in Consciential Evolution.
Time: 3pm to 7pm
Location:  Cosmoethos @ Discernimentum
Spaces Available: 20
Cost: $95 BRL (approx. $32 USD)

Friday 1 September

CONSCIUS – Guinea-pig Conscin

Conscius’ leading short course to develop self-knowledge, self-research and self-criticism through the dynamics of self-exposition and interassistantial feedback.
Time: 12.30pm to 6.00pm
Location:  CONSCIUS @ Discernimentum
Additional Information: Prerequisite: Entry level Conscientiology course. Includes a coffee-break.
More information:
Spaces Available: 15
Cost: $120 BRL (approx. $40 USD)

IC TENEPES – International Penta Dialogues

This course contains a theoretical part that introduces penta and provides the opportunity to clarify doubts and attend to other demands. In addition bioenergetic exercises will be practiced. 
Time: 3pm to 6pm
Location:  IC TENEPES @ Discernimentum
Additional Information:  It is recommended that the student bring the Penta Manual (free from this site)
Spaces Available: 15
Cost: Free

ECTOLAB – Interassistantial Parasurgery Dynamic

Installation of a specific bioenergetic field for parasurgery, remote assistance, and ectoplasm which provides 2 hours of interassistance and paraperceptions. Epicons: Myriam Sanchez, Hernande Leite and Marcelo Silva.
Time: 6.30pm to 10pm
Location:  Main Conference Room @ Discernimentum
Additional Information: Bring warm clothing
Spaces Available: 40
Cost: $35 BRL (approx. 12 USD)

Saturday 2 & Sunday 3 September

CEAEC – Acoplamentarium

A group laboratory for multidimensional, energetic experiments. This course assists to develop interassistantial parapsychism through the techniques of energetic coupling and facial clairvoyance.
Time: 2 day course, starts at 8am on Saturday and ends at 6pm on Sunday
Location: Acoplamentarium/Auditorium @ CEAEC
Additional Information: Recommended for everyone.
Spaces Available:
 45 (min. 15)
Cost: $320 BRL (approx. $107 USD)

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If you have questions about activities and wish to talk to someone for more information, you can contact:
Eliane Ferreira
Whatsapp: +55 45 999197452
Magali Ornellas
Whatsapp: +55 45 991111700

Otherwise, if you prefer to lodge an email enquiry please contact ISIC using this form: