The production of useful knowledge is one of the key principles for those associated with Conscientiology. Books are the most important form that knowledge can be presented.

The following book catalogue was produced by Editares in 2014, and although it does not contain every book published by those in the ICCC it gives a general overview of some of the books written to date.

Please note: until now only a few of the books have been translated to English, more are coming soon.

Download (PDF, Unknown)


Other Conscientiological books of interest:

Less Incomplete By Sandie Gustus

Where Does Religion End By Marcelo da Luz

Book Downloads

The following books are available for free download: Our Evolution Who am I? What am I? Where am I from? Why am I here? Where am I going? Our Evolution responds to these five classic philosophical questions as well as … Read More

Authoring & Publishing

Here is a transcript of the talk presented by Sandie Gustus as part of International Week 2017. It conveys many tips related to the process of authoring and publishing and is intended to be useful to everyone, not just conscientiological … Read More


The full Conscientiogram will be available to download by September 2017. The following is an overview of the Conscientiogram provided to participants at The Science of Consciousness conference, 2017. The article presented by Jeffrey Lloyd at the same event was the … Read More