The Conscientiogram (Conscius’ course material version) is below. This is a free download and can be used in conjunction with the upcoming online course, Conscientiogram Without Drama.

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Please see the Conscius site to enrol in the course, Conscientiogram Without Drama.

For those wanting to perform self-research here are a couple of resources to be used when performing self-research with the Conscientiogram.

Self-research: Conscientiogram Summary

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Item Classification Technique Worksheet

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You can also download the 360 degree spreadsheet here, or get it from the Conscius site.


The following is an overview of the Conscientiogram provided to participants at The Science of Consciousness conference, 2017.

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The article presented by Jeffrey Lloyd at the same event was the following:

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The abstract accepted was:

Conscientiogram: A Post-modern Method to Evaluate Consciousness
Jeffrey Lloyd, Conscius, Cognopolis, Foz do Iguacu, Brazil

The Conscientiogram is a method proposed (Vieira, 1996) to evaluate the manifestation of consciousness with the aim to stimulate the development of self-knowledge and personal evolution. The method is based on a taxonomic approach that classifies attributes of personality manifestation into different sections. The classified attributes are explored through questions that compose the protocol of an evaluation sheet.
The resulting multifaceted evaluation of the consciousness allows identification of a personality’s strongtraits, weaktraits and absentraits and analysis of individual competencies as well as distortions, incoherences, and personal impediments. This subsequently facilitates identification of areas which could most benefit from intraconsciential modification.

You can also see here on the TSC site for the text:

Download full book of TSC 2017 abstracts here: