Research Resources

The following is a series of documents that each have significant relevance in orienting verponological research within Conscientiology.

Each of these files is available for free download and distribution.

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The following is a macro enabled spreadsheet (in English) that provides an analysis and a graphical representation to those working with the Conscientiogram book, a tool very helpful in self-research.

Download the Excel Spreadsheet


You have 2 options to see and use the conscientiology glossary: View and/or download the PDF. Activate the script. To use the search functionality here, go to your browser’s address box and select the icon with a red x. Then … Read More

Tertulia’s Best Moments – Short Educational Videos

Here are some Best Moments videos (those with subtitles in English). These have been selected from Tertulias which are presented on the Tertularium’s channel. Tertulia’s Best Moments – Click here for the Best Moments (Playlist) in Youtube Just click, and turn on … Read More

Scientific Journals

Conscientiology researchers and organisations produce a number of scientific journals, including the following (click on cover to download full editions of many Journals):  


Think the world is profoundly changing? What are the greatest changes taking place on our planet? What are the criteria that orient these changes?   This infographic, created by Invisible College of Parareurbanology, presents theories that answer these questions. (reproduced here with the … Read More

Ectoplasm & Parasurgery

Ectolab is a research organisation dedicated to the study, research and development of a Parapsychic Research Methodology related to Ectoplasm and Parasurgery, contributing to the promotion of multidimensional interassistance. You can make a request to receive parasurgery (free), on Ectolab’s site. … Read More

Principle of Disbelief

As you see the Principle of Disbelief is, in theory, very simple. Yet, in practice, it is a serious challenge. Our 5 physical senses along with the predominant paradigms and memes in the Socin (intraphysical society) act as the predominate … Read More

Vibrational State (VS)

In short, the Vibrational state (VS) is the technical condition of the dynamization of the energosoma’s energies through the impulsion of the will. The practice of this technique sterilizes the environment in a vibratory manner, provides a great sense of well-being, a … Read More

Films of Interest

The following is a list of films that present some ideas that contribute to an individuals’ intimate understanding and recycling. Title and Specialty: 10 timer til Paradis  (Groupkarmalogy) 12 Angry Men  (Paralaw) 12 Years a Slave  (Conviviology) 1492: Conquest of … Read More

Encyclopaedia of Conscientiology

The Encyclopaedia of Conscientiology is an interactive, interdisciplinary, integrated, universalist, educational, scientific megaproject based on a cosmovision of the consciousness, and was coordinated by Dr. Waldo Vieira while he was alive. The project is now administered by the conscientiocentric institution … Read More


The Holosoma (holo + soma) is the consciousness’ set of vehicles of manifestation, specifically when a conscin (intraphysical consciousness) the: soma, energosoma, psychosoma and mentalsoma. And, when a consciex (extraphysical consciousness): psychosoma and mentalsoma (and frequently, although not ideally, with some … Read More