Encyclopaedia of Conscientiology

Inside the Tertularium at CEAEC

Inside the Tertularium at CEAEC

The Tertularium

The Tertularium

The Encyclopaedia of Conscientiology is an interactive, interdisciplinary, integrated, universalist, educational, scientific megaproject based on a cosmovision of the consciousness, and was coordinated by Dr. Waldo Vieira while he was alive. The project is now administered by the conscientiocentric institution Encyclopssapiens.

The encyclopaedia’s entries are often developed through the research resources available in the Holocycle and are later debated in the Tertularium, with one entry being debated each day. According to Vieira the Encyclopaedia’s objectives are the same as those for human life, namely: to help people do their existential programmes as well as possible, in order to achieve the constructive personal goals established for this existence.

Tertulia’s Best Moments (short videos) with English subtitles – Click here for the Best Moments (Playlist) in Youtube

Complete Tertulias in English (long videos) – Click here for the English Tertulias (Playlist) in Youtube

26 tertulias in English (dubbed) are now available.

The individual Entries you will find are:

#1520 – Megaunpredictability
#1521 – Megaphenomenology in permanintfreeness
#1576 – Designation
#1583 – First Discernment
#1611 – Neocontent
#1625 – Repairing Cycle
#1668 – Consciential machine
#1682 – Power of truth
#1697 – Pseudoterminological Expression
#1703 – Omnichallenge of Conscientiological Tertúlias
#1717 – Avoidable Resource
#1723 – Self-dispersivity
#1730 – Description of the Problem
#1747 – Cosmoviosiological Megaclarification Task
#1754 – Rationalistical Rigor
#1782 – Conscin-offiex interaction
#1811 – Pathological happiness / Pathological happiness (High quality recording)
#1818 – Fixation on the profitable / Fixation on the profitable (High quality recording)
#1832 – Conscientiological entry writing / Conscientiological entry writing (High quality recording)
#1853 – Clarification among equals / Clarification among equals (High quality recording)
#1867 – Option for correctness / Option for correctness (High quality recording)
#1888 – Anti-addiction / Anti-addiction (High quality recording)
#1944 – Parapsychic bonus / Parapsychic bonus (High quality recording)
#1972 – Multidimensional self-respect / Multidimensional self-respect (High quality recording)
#2009 – Option for self-deintrusion / Option for self-deintrusion (High quality recording)
#2030 – Rare innate self-thosene / Rare innate self-thosene (High quality recording)

Thanks to translators Otto Mendonça, Alba Cardoso, Tathiana Mota, and Bartira Presotto, and to Jeffrey Lloyd (revision). Finally thanks to the producers Chico Mauro and Leandro Martins for making these available.

These can also be found on the main Tertulia’s website.



All the original portuguese entries are available online for free on the site: www.tertuliaconscienciologia.org

You can also watch Tertulias live on the same site, here: Tertulia’s Live Online Streaming

or watch recorded Tertulias (and subscribe to the channel) here: Tertuliarium’s Youtube Channel

As of 31 July 2016 the Encyclopaedia contained 3,830 published entries from 574 entry writers.