Paraphenomenological Methodology (Article and Video)

Paraphenomenological Methodology: Scientific Structure Proposal

Paraphenomenological self-research attitude
Paraepistemic Paraphenomenological category

This article aims to propose the formalization of the paraphenomenological methodology, general theory category in Paramethodolgy, in an attempt to collaborate with the movement of conscientiological research in the International Cosmoethical Conscientiological Community (ICCC). The central issue refers to baseline procedures for experience, developing and researching psychic phenomena in general. The axis to methodology used in the construction of the article, and ongoing research, is based on projectiological self-research based with reference to conscientiological literature and personal experiences, with an emphasis on the specialties of thosenology, projectiology mentalsomatology and evolutiology. The construction of the methodology resulted from the sequential organization of paratechnological procedures, with the main goal of achieving clarity and length in tuning parapercepta. In particular, it is the details of the personal paratechnology necessary for the management of paraperception, especially the manifestation of energy, mechanisms of discoincidence and the energy field installation. It is expected to contribute to the development of protocols and appropriate standardization in the exchange paraphenomenological research.

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The following is an interview recorded with Ulisses Schlosser, a conscientiology research, about his work (“Paraphemenological Methodology”) which was presented at the “Toward a Science of Consciousness” scientific event in Finland, in June 2015. Recorded in conjunction with the team at Comunicons (