Tertulia’s Best Moments – Short Educational Videos

Here are some Best Moments videos (those with subtitles in English). These have been selected from Tertulias which are presented on the Tertularium’s channel.
Tertulia’s Best Moments – Click here for the Best Moments (Playlist) in Youtube

Just click, and turn on CC or Subtitles in youtube and the subtitles will appear.
(see this page on our site for more information on Tertulias, or visit: http://www.tertuliaconscienciologia.org).

New videos will be added each week and we hope to bring you subtitles additional languages.


You can find details of 26 complete (2 hour) Tertulia’s, in English, here on our site.


An ISIC Project realized in partnership with the Tertularium (CEAEC).