Vibrational State (VS)

The Vibrational State (VS) installed

In short, the Vibrational state (VS) is the technical condition of the dynamization of the energosoma’s energies through the impulsion of the will. The practice of this technique sterilizes the environment in a vibratory manner, provides a great sense of well-being, a positive disposition and self-confidence to the individual.

The VS has numerous uses and benefits, for example the following 6 can be emphasised:

  1. VS. Installation of the vibrational state (VS), a condition that predisposes even a lucid takeoff of your consciousness projected in the psychosoma.
  2. Self-confidence. Intense motivation, providing you self-confidence to use your own consciential energies and allowing you to distinguish external energies that you receive.
  3. Digestion. Acceleration of your digestion in appropriate occasions of interconsciential assistance.
  4. Self-cure. Heal organic disturbances, mini-illnesses and minor-indispositions.
  5. Prophylaxis. Obtain one thousand and one positive and prophylactic consciential resources that are easily understood by you or anyone else (consolation task, clarification task, penta).
  6. Self-defenses. Completely block the entrance of undesirable energies to your inner world, thereby augmenting your energetic self-defenses (self-encapsulation).

Procedures. The closed-circuit energetic self-defense technique can be structured around 6 basic procedures:

Installing the Vibrational State (VS)

Installing the Vibrational State (VS)

1. Feet. Remain erect, with feet astride. Close the eyelids. Let the arms drop alongside the body. Direct the flow (or influx) of your energies, through the impulsion of the will, from the head to the hands and feet. Do not worry if you do not know what bioenergy is. Continued practice will show you the entire energetic reality. If you feel nothing during the first attempts, do not be concerned. Persist and you will end up feeling something. This is inevitable because it is part of the paraphysiological development of us all.

2. Head. Return the flow of the energies, through the impulsion of your decided will, from the feet to the head. At this point, you will already be able to identify the direction of the energetic flow upwards, contrary to the previous flow.

3. Discrimination. Repeat the same procedure 10 times, perceiving and discriminating the flow of energies sweeping the various parts and organs of your human body. At this point, the unblocking, balancing and potentiation of your energies in your energetic centers and points begins.

4. Speed. Continue the same procedures, now gradually increasing the speed (or rhythm) of the impulsion of the flow of energies.

5. Intensity. Continue with the same procedures, now maximally increasing the intensity (rhythm or volume) of the flow of energies. This flow will comprise progressively larger and more potent circuits, which you will perceive.

The Vibrational State (VS) installed

The Vibrational State (VS) installed

6. Vibrational. Finally, install the vibrational state. The flow and the closed circuit disappears and your entire psychosphere becomes completely “lit up”, “dazzling”, or “incandescent” with the vibrating energies.


Repetitions. Endeavor to repeat the entire process many times a day to start with, in different conditions, situations and circumstances, always remaining erect (standing up) if possible. The following are examples: in the bathroom nude; wearing informal attire; wearing social attire; holding packages; in the sun; in the rain; and in other various conditions.

Alert. It is necessary to perform the circulation of energies in the most diverse existential circumstances and situations because we never know when we will need more energetic defenses. Diuturnal life always presents many surprises and not all of them are welcome or agreeable. We should be energetically ready and alert 24 hours a day, all year, our whole life.

Note. We should never use any parapsychophysical artifices or crutches, regardless of their nature or pretext, with the intention of optimizing or “enriching” the process of installation and operation of the vibrational state, because this will drastically impede the development of self-confidence in our own consciential energies and their applications. The following 2 examples are to be avoided, in this case: imagination as a psychological crutch; the vibrating chair as a physical crutch.

Crutch. It is always wise to bear in mind that, in our consciential condition while in the projected state, or even while in the extraphysical state, in the post-desomatic intermissive period, after the decomposition of our human body, neither the author nor you will have any physical object at hand to serve as a parapsychophysical crutch in our energetic self-defense when faced with interconsciential attacks from ill extraphysical consciousnesses.

Immaturity. When you use any artifice or crutch, except for the impulsion of your unbreakable will, you erroneously and lazily endeavor to transfer the effort you need in order to develop your energies through your dynamized will and improve your notably emotional self-control to the “providential” crutch. This is, therefore, an attitude that is infantile, conscientially immature and intraconscientially regressive, as well as being repressive and escapist. It is also an indefensible harmful postponement of something that we all have to confront either now or later, here or elsewhere.

Excerpts taken from Projectiology: A Panorama of Experiences of the Consciousness Outside the Human Body, 2002; Vieira, Waldo; Chapter 288; pages: 587-589.

Representation of the Vibrational State courtesy of the IIPC


Insist, don’t desist. Many do not feel their own energies at first. Keep trying at different moments throughout your day and seek to identify what, at first (and maybe for quite some time), are subtle sensations and changes in the soma (physical body).

Energy follows your will, and your attention/focus/concentration. So, to move your energy, simple focus your will (a mental power) and move your attention and the plane of energy up and down within yourself.

Alternative techniques to install the Vibrational State: 

The Vibrational State is a technique that can help us to gain more lucidity and homeostatis in our thoughts, sentiments and energies. It may be used whenever there is need to achieve a balanced condition. It’s important to remember that your energies are commanded through your thoughts, by the power of your will. Make an effort to feel your energies and not to imagine them. It can make all the difference.

In addition to the closed energetic circuit (described above), there are also some alternative techniques to install the Vibrational State (VS) as suggested by Reaprendentia:

1) Pulsation of the chakras

The pulsation of the chakras is one of the alternative techniques to achieve the Vibrational State. This exercise starts with an exteriorization and absorption through the plantochakras, until they are activated. Keep them pulsing and start pulsing the sexochakra, synchronising them. Then, start pulsing the splenochakra together with the other two already activated chakras. Do the same for the next main chakras (palmochakras, cardiochakra, laringochakra, nuchochackra, frontochakra and coronochackra). In this way, by the end all chakras will be pulsing together and the vibrational state can then be achieved through this pulsation.

2) Thosenity

It is also possible to achieve the vibrational state through the quality of your thosenity.

In this case, the main idea is to install the VS through an image, an idea, a sentence, a memory from the past or any other resource that can boost your energies (for instance, something positive that happened to you and makes you feel better). Then you drive your thoughts, sentiments and energies all to the same goal. It is a coordinated process where the quality of your thosenity creates the favourable atmosphere to mobilize all your energies to achieve the VS.

3) Intermittent exteriorization of energies

In this technique, the VS is installed through the intermittent process of exteriorizing your energies, which means, you start exteriorizing your energies and stop after a few seconds; then restart exteriorizing and stop again, repeating this exercise for some time.

This cycle can improve the intensity of your exteriorization, amplifying your energy field and facilitating the installation of the vibrational state.

4) Diversify the way you move your energies

You can always vary the way you move your energies, matching the movement to the manner you feel more confident and comfortable. For instance, you may spin your energies around you like a tornado or like a sphere of energies, speeding up until you achieve the VS. You can also move your energies as high as you can, then bring them back and move them as far down as you can, and then do the same to your right and left. This produces a looseness of your energies and may optimize the achievement of the VS, by the power of your will. You may even try to boost your energies from a specific chakra. For example, you may start exteriorizing from coronochakra or frontochackra to the others and then reverse the movement until you feel the optimized condition to install the VS.


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