Administration & Finance

AIEC | International Association for the Expansion of Conscientiology

AIEC provides financial support to other Conscientiocentric Institutions to assist in the realization of their projects. It also has its own projects which focus mainly on construction. In 2014 it built the Mabu Hotel and Resort at the CEAEC campus. Its next project is a Cultural Mega-Centre. Designed by renowned Brazilian architect, Oscar Niemeyer, and located in Cognopolis (the suburb in which the CEAEC campus is situated), the Cultural Mega-Centre will be dedicated to the research and study of humanities, history and culture and will host exhibitions and other events.

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INTERPARES  |  International Association of Interassistantial Supports

An Association that intends to make conscientiology available to all those who are interested in studying it, but have limited financial resources available. Individual attention will be given to each case and it is intended that scholarships will be formed and granted to facilitate this assistance.



UNICIN | Union of International Conscientiocentric Institutions

Established in 2005, UNICIN has administrative oversight of the CCCI (International Cosmoethical Conscientiological Community). It provides support, guidance and orientation to new organizations, liaises with the separate organizations and mediates at a supra-institutional level.

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