APEX | International Association of the Existential Program – Apex International

APEX is a research and educational organization dedicated to the study of one’s purpose in life (or life task). In conscientiology, this is known as the Existential Programme. APEX studies the life task on both an individual and collective level, as sometimes we come to this life with objectives to achieve as a group. It delivers a range of courses including the popular 4-day Existential Balance course. These are aimed at allowing students to identify their life task and evaluate their current performance in relation to it. Ideas and techniques are offered to help students take the next important steps in accomplishing their purpose in life.

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ARACÊ | International Association for the Evolution of Consciousness

Based in Espirito Santo, Brazil, the focus of ARACE’s research and educational activities is group evolution. It offers an extensive range of courses in various locations and is renowned for its three Serenariums, laboratories in which the participant spends three days alone, without access to any external communications. The purpose of this type of laboratory is to perform self-research, gain profound personal insights and contemplate one’s priorities in life, with the aim of increasing the rhythm of one’s personal evolution.

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ASSINVÉXIS | International Association of Existential Inversion

ASSINVEXIS is an organization dedicated to promoting, publicizing and debating all topics linked to adolescents ‘sensing’ they have a purpose in life and directing their efforts and resources towards realizing it. In conscientiology, this is known as the Existential Inversion. Typically, an ‘inverter’ is aware of having made plans for this life during the previous period in between lives (the intermissive period). ASSINVEXIS assists young people (from the age of 13) to get on track with their Existential Programme and gives courses at its own campus which is being further developed in Cognopolis.

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ASSIPI | International Association of Interassistantial Parapsychism

ASSIPI is a Conscientiocentric Institution specialized in the study, research, development and practical use of parapsychism, an indispensable attribute for personal evolution. With a base in Cognopolis and a presence in Portugal, ASSIPI offers a wide range of practical courses focusing on developing one’s experience and control of bioenergies and parapsychism. It is well-known for its popular 3-day course called 40 Energetic Manoeuvres.

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CEAEC | Centre for the Higher Studies of Conscientiology

Founded in 1995, CEAEC was the first conscientiological campus. It consists of nearly 20 laboratories dedicated to facilitating the participant’s experience of a range of paranormal phenomena and insights into his or her personal evolution. It is also a research and teaching institution maintained by volunteers of diverse nationalities and professions interested in the advancement of human knowledge. CEAEC is home to the Tertularium (venue for daily tutorials on multidimensional themes); the holocycle and holotheca which house over 66,000 books and other works related to the consciousness and associated subjects; and the Accomplimentarium—a group laboratory that enables participants to develop their clairvoyance. CEAEC is open to the public.

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CONSCIUS | International Association of Interassistantial Conscientiometrology

The focus of CONSCIUS is to help interested individuals to increase their self-knowledge—to help them understand themselves better. The organization works with the ‘Conscientiogram,’ a tool developed by Dr. Waldo Vieira, that allows people to evaluate themselves—their personal attributes and cross-dimensional capabilities—according to a scale of consciential evolution. CONSCIUS offers a range of practical courses designed to lead participants towards self-understanding.

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CONSECUTIVUS | International Association of Holobiographical and Seriexological Research
CONSECUTIVUS is an organisation in the Conscientiological community that specializes in the study of the series of successive lives/multiple lives. It conducts research and offers a range of practical educational activities aimed not only at helping participants to recall past lives, but to help them approach the topic in a rational way for the purpose of positioning themselves in relation to their past. This process can help a person understand the probable causes and connections related to certain aspects of his character, allowing him to ‘fit better within himself’ and to achieve a state of self-reconciliation.

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EVOLUCIN | International Association of Conscientiology in Infancy

EVOLUCIN is an institution whose goal is to make Conscientiology available and accessible to children within educational, social, family and schooling contexts. It is not uncommon for children to have parapsychic abilities. Parents wishing to help their children understand the phenomena they are experiencing from a rational, non-mystical perspective, and develop their capacities, are welcome to get in touch. Active in Brazil and Germany, EVOLUCIN offers courses and publish books.

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IIPC | International Institute of Projectiology and Conscientiology

The International Institute of Projectiology and Conscientiology (IIPC) is an independent educational and scientific research institution widely active throughout Brazil and noted for its excellence in courses and technical-scientific publications on Projectiology and Conscientiology. It offers an extensive range of basic and advanced courses, workshops and immersions for all interested individuals, giving attention to both theoretical concepts and practical applications.

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INTERCAMPI | International Association of Conscientiology Research Areas

INTERCAMPI is dedicated to furthering research in Conscientiology. Its goal is to construct a campus in the north-east of Brazil, where it is based, with a unique infrastructure that will bring the multidimensional aspects of our reality into focus, facilitating research, self-knowledge and self-development. INTERCAMPI hosts conferences, courses, debates, free activities and congresses, in addition to a variety of cultural projects.

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JURISCONS | International Association of Paralawology

JURISCONS is dedicated to researching, educating, developing, expanding, consolidating and divulgating the neo-science Paralawology. Themes approached include the World State, Peace, Pacification, Mediation, Self-liberation and the like.

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REAPRENDENTIA | International Association of Parapedagogy and Consciential Reeducation

REAPRENDENTIA specializes in conscientiological education. It develops and conducts training to enable interested individuals to become teachers of Conscientiology and also conducts research related to Conscientiology and Parapedagogy. REAPRENDENTIA is well-known for a course entitle PAE (Programme for the Acceleration of Erudition), which is aimed at developing one’s personal erudition (knowledge acquired by study, research; learning). In addition to hosting activities in Brazil, the organization has a presence in Fort Lauderdale, USA.

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RECONSCIENTIA | International Association of Researchology into Megaconscientization

RECONSCIENTIA is an institution that aims to contribute to a parapsychic and pararesearch scientific culture. With a mega-awareness of research, it trains multidimensional researchers, promotes research interchanges, stimulates research, develops research techniques and methodologies, gives lectures and courses, and hosts other research-related activities and events.

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