CONSCIUS | International Association of Interassistantial Conscientiometrology

The focus of CONSCIUS is to help interested individuals to increase their self-knowledge—to help them understand themselves better. The organization works with the ‘Conscientiogram,’ a tool developed by Dr. Waldo Vieira, that allows people to evaluate themselves—their personal attributes and cross-dimensional capabilities—according to a scale of consciential evolution. CONSCIUS offers a range of practical courses designed to lead participants towards self-understanding.

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ECTOLAB | International Association of Laboratorial Research into Ectoplasm and Parasurgery

The International Association of Laboratorial Research in Ectoplasmy and Parasurgery specifically aims to develop independent thinking on the topics of parasurgery and ectoplasm, with a strong focus on their relationship to health. It accepts requests from the public for free parasurgery via its website. The parasurgeries are conducted weekly during an activity known as a Dynamic during which energy donated by a physical team is used by a nonphysical team for the purpose of assisting either physical or nonphysical recipients.

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OIC | International Organization of Conscientiotherapy

OIC (International Organization of Conscientiotherapy) OIC applies the principles of Conscientiology to health. In considering health from a multidimensional, multi-existential perspective, OIC serves to re-educate and redefine the current global view of health. It has a team of fully qualified and practising psychiatrists, psychologists and medical doctors who, in addition to carrying out research, provide counselling to people in need, analysing and considering their issues within the consciential paradigm.

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