Writing & Publishing

EDITARES | International Association of Editares

EDITARES main goal is to clarify interested individuals on the multidimensional reality of life, through the publication of books and other works of conscientiological content. Authors of such works are typically independent researchers wishing to disseminate their findings and/or experiences.

Website: www.editares.org   –   Facebook: Editares Editora   –  E-mail: editares@editares.org


ENCYCLOSSAPIENS | International Association of Conscientiological Encyclopaediology

ENCYCLOSSAPIENS is responsible for the Encyclopaedia of Conscientiology of which there are currently 15 volumes. It supports people who wish to write and publish entries. Over 500 researchers have now contributed to the encyclopaedia which can be accessed via websites or custom software. 26 debates are also available in English.

Website: http://encyclossapiens.com/   –   Facebook: ENCYCLOSSAPIENS   –   E-mail: encyclossapiens@encyclossapiens.org


UNIESCON | International Union of Conscientiology Writers

UNIESCON is a Conscientiocentric Institution comprised of authors of conscientiological books. It facilitates exchange among writers and promotes the qualification of leading-edge relative truths (known in Conscientiology as verspons) and masterpieces. It offers writing workshops, and provides mentors and other support to writers.

Website: www.uniescon.org – Facebook: Uniescon – União Internacional de Escritores da Conscienciologia – E-mail: uniescon.ccci@gmail.com