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ISIC maintains the philosophy that for a conscientiocentric organisation to grow and remain healthy, especially given the challenges that emerge over the medium – long term, the more permanent partnerships and joint initiatives that can be created between conscientiocentric institutions (CIs) based in Foz do Iguaçu and those acting overseas, the better it will be for all involved.


This view is held because of the following reasons:

  • The source of an estimated 95% of the conscientiological verpons created, is from research performed or presented in Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil. Given the quality and number of the researchers and organisations established in this region this is unlikely to substantially change any time soon (base year 2014).
  • The percentage of verpons translated to other languages, such as English, is estimated to be around 2-3% (base year 2014).
  • Exposure to verpons, the specialist organisations and individuals that deeply research them and the strength of the holothosene being created in certain locations in Foz do Iguaçu, and other locations to a far lesser degree, potentiate and stimulate an individual’s recin (or intraconsciential recycling).
  • The more recin an individual can perform the better, as this will help the consciousness recuperate cons and develop their self-leadership and self-definition to ever higher levels.
  • The more international pedagogic interchanges that occur amongst CIs, the better. Conscientially everybody, including the teacher, benefits from such interchanges. New students come because of the presence of the new teacher(s). Some old students return because of the new teacher(s). New verpons can be communicated in a direct and broader way thus providing the chance to stimulate a deeper recin amongst volunteers and students alike.
  • The avoidance of stagnation, dependence and limited growth opportunities within a CI has to be avoided. Growth only occurs when the consciousness performs deeper self-analysis and the subsequent recin.
  • Self-leadership can only be manifested if the consciousness is consistently performing something analogous to 4 steps defined by conscientiotherapy, namely: self-investigation, self-diagnosis, self-confrontation, and self-overcoming.
  • Institutional transparency is important amongst all CIs, and partnerships encourage this. The motivation does not stem from a wish to control or manipulate, but to act as a prophylaxis and to build a trust based on a sincere and accountable openness. The more isolated a CI is, the greater the chance of intrusion taking account of the situation. It is a case of more eyes and mentalsoma’s being better than less.
  • Intercooperation through permanent partnerships is far superior to intercompetition.

It is ISICs view that permanent partnerships and consolidated, frequent interchanges of teachers, volunteers or administrators enrich the microuniverse of every consciousness involved and the scope and depth of the interassistance being performed.



Take the initiative – stimulate your CI to engage in interchanges and stimulate your CI to think internationally. See what constructive contributions you can make personally, and what universalistic contributions your CI can make.


Partnerships: Interassistantial Openness

Unity, Agreement, Intercooperation, Win-Win

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